We will collect and produce useful information for people living in the Kissamos area and to some degree, in the Chania area. There will be a directory of factual information, plus a directory of local tradespeople, services and shops that have been personally recommended by ISKA members. (ISKA members can be recommended by fellow ISKA members).

We will promote local trades and services based on positive recommendations, rather than list bad examples.

We will organise regular monthly meetings to share information and socialise.



There will be a meeting once a month to share information – any ISKA member can volunteer at these meetings to complete a particular task. There will not be a formal committee, but volunteers will form a working group to complete any necessary tasks.

We will set up and maintain a website. The administrators will be responsible for inputting the original information from both the directory of useful information and the recommendations list. They will also be responsible for keeping the site up to date. There will be an email account for members to communicate with the administrators. Any ISKA member can suggest amendments, additions or write pages for the website, as long as the items meet with the aims and objectives of ISKA. Members will be given a user name and password to access the site. (Non members will only be able to access the introductory pages).

Members without internet accounts will be given access to the printed copy of the website information at every meeting. Any member is able to have a printed copy of a particular page - either on request or by printing direct from the website.

A volunteer will keep track of membership fees collected and expenses paid out. Details will be given at each monthly meeting.

An update will be issued after each monthly meeting via email or post to all members. This will give details of decisions made, dates of future meetings and social events.

We will aim to organise coffee mornings, book swaps, walks, lunches, talks and trips. Any ISKA member can volunteer to be responsible for organising these events.

We will publicise the organisation locally to attract new members.


Membership is €5 per person for the year or part year. The membership runs from 1 January until 31 December.

Anyone living in the western Crete area from Chania to Kissamos, of any nationality, is eligible to join.

The membership list will not be made public or passed to third parties for their own use.

The ISKA Privacy Policy can be seen here.