The International Society of the Kissamos Area (ISKA) came into being at the inaugral meeting in October 2007. We started with just 15 members – but this has grown steadily to 165 and rising. A mix of many nationalities.

The Society was the brainchild of a local business man – Stelios who owns the Cellar Taverna. He wanted to create an organisation that would give people new to the Kissamos area access to reliable information about the area and in particular recommendations about local businesses. Plus it is a great way to meet other local expats.

Turtle Nest Excavation

We decided to only deal with positive recommendations about businesses that our members have actually used – we now have a directory of plumbers, electricians, shops, lawyers, accountants – mainly local Greeks. We think it is important to support our local economy.



The website gives information about Kissamos, Chania and the surrounding area and the necessities of living in Crete – e.g. how and where to get your tax number, where are the pharmacies, the best local shops, our charities etc. Our members regularly tell us about changes so that we can keep the site up to date. We also use our email system to keep members up to date with news about petrol strikes, road closures and local events etc - members either email or phone the “admin staff” and one of us passes the information on.

We meet once a month for a coffee and information morning – over 40 people regularly attend. The biggest draw is our book collection. We have over 500 second hand books, which we sell for €1 each. Members can either keep the books or bring them back to add to the collection, so that they can be resold. We decided to use the money raised for animal and other charities - so far we have supported Silkie Wrobel, Archelon Turtle Protection, cat neutering projects, Big Ears, Oncology Hospital for Children, Anousakia old People's Home and many more.

We then share information – about local events, news about the things we need to know living here and then we plan our own events. We don't have a committee – everyone has input – but be warned if anyone suggests something then they are assumed to be volunteering to do it!!






Some members also meet up for walks in the beautiful countryside, during the winter months when it is not too hot.

We've organised trips to Falasarna and Aptera – complete with maps of the sites and notes on the history. After both trips we had a meal – at Falasarna we timed this so we could take advantage of watching the sunset.

We have spent wonderful evenings with Archelon, watching our turtle nests being excavated – many hatchlings being rescued and sent on their way to the sea.

We also hold a games evening at a local taverna every month throughout the year.

You can accesss our calendar to see what events are planned for the future – but you need to be a member to see the whole of our website.

It only costs €5 a year per person to join – you can download our form (see ISKA forms) – or come to one of our events.

To contact us click on one of the names under Contact ISKA.