These numbers may be useful, especially for chasing up the council on animal welfare matters!

ΔΗΜΟΣ ΚΙΣΣΑΜΟΥ (Κίσσαμος) - Municipality of Kissamos
Mayor’s secretary: 28223-40200
Deputy Mayor’s office: 28223-40203   Fax: 28220-83385, 28220-83093
Citizen’s Service Center (Kissamos): 2822340221,2822340222,    Fax: 2822083327
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

ΔΗΜΟΣ ΠΛΑΤΑΝΙΑ – Municipality of Platanias
Call centre: 28210-83570  (Fax): 28210-61628
Citizen’s Service Center: 28210-83951

ΔΗΜΟΣ ΧΑΝΙΩΝ -  Municipality of Chania

Call centre: 28210-41600
General Secretary: 28213-41640

D.E.S.E - Dead Animal Removal
 (The department for collecting the dead animals from the streets): 28210 -89391