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Now I’m pretty certain that anyone, particularly in Europe, with any interest in football at all will surely follow the UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE, probably football’s best club competition anywhere in the World.

It is most likely that all of us will wish to support and follow the progress of teams from our own domestic leagues that are taking part in this competition and therefore, those who really have no interest in football apart, most of us will be watching these games on television (where possible, or else via the internet) and will be following the competition closely.

Maybe then, at last, this is an opportunity for Expat fantasy football here in Crete to attract some new followers and become truly international. So whether you are Dutch supporting Ajax, German supporting Leverkusen, Dortmund, Bayern & Schalke, French supporting Monaco & Paris Saint-Germain, Belgium supporting Anderlecht, Italian supporting Juventus & Roma, Swiss supporting Basel, Swedish supporting Malmo, Russian supporting Zenit & CSKA … or are of ANY Expat nationality living, working or owning property here in Crete supporting ANY Champions League team (or none in particular) … isn’t it time you joined in with us Brits, Aussies and Americans who regularly play FREE online fantasy football?

Joining our Champions League fantasy football competition at uefa.com will give you the chance to get to know us and will give us the chance to get to know you. What could be better than that? Plus you finally get the opportunity to enjoy the fun of fantasy football competition as well!

Hopefully you will take a greater interest in a Champions League fantasy game than that you might normally take with the English Premier League fantasy games that we play, so we hope THIS fantasy game will tempt you into finally giving fantasy football a try.

Another thing to consider is that all fantasy football games based on any domestic league over a full season require a huge commitment, whereas the UEFA Champions League game involves just 13 rounds of matches from the first group match this month (16/9/14) to Cup Final day on the 6th June next year, so is in no way such an undertaking. A “gentle” introduction to fantasy football you might say, after which you will probably all be “hooked” on fantasy football just like we, those of us who already play regularly, most definitely are.

PLEASE enter your own name in the "screen name" box when registering though or we simply won't know who anyone entered really is! Register at en.uclfantasy.uefa.com/UEFA/15813/clienthome.do to select your personal fantasy team then join our league by using the entry code 1944592-576681 then good luck and enjoy!

So … the game is FREE … being a member of our “group” is FREE … joining a new social circle through playing fantasy is PRICELESS! Please do give it a try! Good luck and enjoy!

P.S. I really don’t trust “google translate” to accurately translate this post into other languages. If you would like to make a translation of this notice into your own language and post it below as a “reply” I would be delighted to see it. Thank you!
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